Fall Out Boy Chapter 9 & 10

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Fall Out Boy – Chapter 9 – Problem solving


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Fall Out Boy – Chapter 10 – Heading back to Vegas


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Fall Out Boy - chapter 4 First Impressions

 Story is beta'd by myself so any remaining mistakes are all mine, so I apologize in advance. I have decided to try to post 2 chapters a week, but I can't promise you that! R & R Enjoy!

Fall Out Boy – Chapter 4 First impressions


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If you wish to read more chapters, they can be found of Fanfiction.net under my username of RubixCSIpuzzle, up to chapter 14 is currently posted on there!







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New GSR Story Fall Out Boy

A/N The story will be GSR, set around mid season 5, a kind of AU how they got together mixed with lots of other drama, angst, fluff and stuff, no main CD, and will be quite a long story, Story beta'd by myself so any remaining mistakes are all mine, so I apologize in advance. I hope you enjoy this short story, not sure how many chapters it will run for yet, but please take the time to leave acomment at the end. R & R Enjoy!

Fall Out Boy

Working on yet another damned performance report for his nemesis Conrad Ecklie, Grissom quickly scrawled his signature at the bottom of the page before snapping the file closed and depositing it in his out tray.

Leaning back in his seat, he pulled the glasses from his face, then dropping them on his desk, he used his pressure with thumb and index finger to the bridge of his nose to ease the mild migraine that was threatening to grow. He knew he had to try to relax or take a break from coming in three hours early to rid his desk of files and paperwork, or he wouldn't get through the impending shift.

Just as he opened his eyes to glance up at the clock, Jim Brass stepped into his office after a meagre tap on then door.

An hour to go before he would be giving out the nights assignments, but seeing Jim wafting a piece of paper he knew it would be an early start tonight.

You up for a road trip to Warm Springs buddy?” Jim said passing over the slip to Grissom.


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