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"Hello & welcome to my journal"

I hope you read and enjoy all my stuff

rubixcsipuzzle (gsrbritfan on other sites)
I am from the UK, Married, have 3 children, i have very eclectic taste in all things i like.
I especially like to have fun and have a good laugh, even at my own expense sometimes, and have been told by friends that i am very witty and have a very dry sense of humor.

I am a serious addict to CSI and ship GSR, and think Billy Petersen is hot! Own all the seasons and have watched them multiple times, even download the new episodes & watch them the day after!my remote control pause and rewind buttons are very worn.

Have just started writing fanfiction since October 2007, and have wrote 24 to date, with 1 of them being a GSR story with 173 chapters and over 350,000 words! yep novel length!Got an active imagination!
anything funny, csi & gsr, foreign food, good movie plots, parties & fancy dress., reading, some art & sculptures, traveling, walking, writing fanfiction